Our vision is to be the best customer oriented design &build company in the world with the best competitive price. And to develop a leadership further that shall set as an example to whole industry to design and to build by taking calculated risks without risking integrity and customer’s satisfaction.


Our mission is to help our clients realize their concept in the best way possible and offering customized solutions to fit every situation.

And To co-create with our clients challenging spaces for reputable companies in the region from concept to handover of construction and develop a long term relationship as a solution partner.


CK architecture Interiors LLC is a reflection of its leadership & associates where we believe value comes within.
The solution of any problem can be naturally solved with a strong character
And values to build that character and keep that character up to date,relevant to present.
We build character. Character builds us. We design/build for you.

Our values:

Integrity :
Do what you say ,it is a form of honesty,say what you do do what you say to establish trust.
Honesty :
Doing the right and moral thing even it is not in your best interest.
Proactiveness :
You take positive action as oppose to finding excuses
You take positive action as oppose to finding excuses
Taking action when it is necessary without waiting for any approval and taking the responsibility of that action.
Sacrificing the self-interest for a greater good.
Positive thinking:
We should always find an opportunity in every outcome rather than focusing on the negative outcomes
We should be open to everything at least to listen and understand
We need to be happy to serve to others and to be happy we need to eat well, sleep well and move well and stress well, as minimum requirement
When we do all the things we do ,we should not forget that we need to explore new things, make research and learn from others and use their experiences almost for free.!
It is a part of being a team we need to empower ourselves and others so that they can help us and our cause to achieve the better results
We need to think before we act for that we have to have a plan we need to write it down daily weekly monthly yearly decades and project base...
Communication :
We have to clearly talk /write about our thoughts and feelings without waiting the right time so that the minor problems do not accumulate and become something big in the future.

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